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Ridding Alberta of Coal

Video: More than half of Alberta’s electricity comes from coal, but some groups are calling on the provincial government to phase it out more quickly than they currently are, saying that the health detriments have led to 4-thousand asthma episodes and nearly 100 premature deaths. Panel Discussion on Alberta Primetime: Don Macdonald, MacEwan University; Donna Kennedy-Glans,…   More »

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News Conference: A Costly Diagnosis

A Costly Diagnosis: Subsidizing coal power with Albertans’ health. Groups release groundbreaking report on the health and climate costs of coal power in Alberta. Alberta burns more coal for electricity than the rest of Canada combined. In 2012, it generated 64 per cent of its electricity by burning coal. Unfortunately, coal produces more pollution than any other source of electricity, including air contaminants such…   More »

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Phasing Out Coal in Alberta As federal regulations essentialy stop the construction of new coal plants how fast will we phase out the most carbon intensive fossil fuel in Canada’s most coal heavy province? We talk to a doctor who knows the true health costs of coal in Alberta as well as Alberta’s new Associate Minister of Renewable Energy and…   More »

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